3 Month Starter

Basic Alexander and Voice Course: 3 Month Module

The Basic once a week course is a Part 1 certification programme.

Are you interested in getting results and getting better?

Gaining a greater perspective and practice of living easy — pain free?

This programme is designed for regular weekly practice to give you a deep appreciation and best grounding for yourself. You can take control instead of the normal passive results that happen.

It will transform your thinking and understanding of your challenges whether postural, vocal or pain.

This is for anyone from computer workers, home business people, teachers, singers, people in the fitness and/or medical industries and many more.

You will discover new depths in your –

Practical Anatomical movements

Neuro-physical Dexterity

Freedom of Habitual practices

Inner Functional Co-ordination.

You will explore all facets of …..

Your Body

  • Increased release from stress, tension, painfulness.
  • Pinpoint your most efficient body design elements and poise

Your Work Life

  • Learn how to reset your natural poise for more energy
  • Connect with how to effectively cope with the pressures of work

Your Leisure Life

  • Refine your ability activate maximum rest whether day or night time

Your Well-Being and Fitness

  • Discover how best to apply your fitness regime for greatest effect
  • Learn how to employ pain relief the natural way with less medication

Your Breathing

  • Discover how natural remedial breathing impacts all your activities
  • Learn calm and peace of mind indirectly from accurate inspiration

Your Voice

  • Learn the intricate mechanisms you never knew about for better performance
  • Learn easy solutions to overcome fear and anxiety that hampers your sound quality

How the 3 Month Programme Works

The programme consists of:

Month 1:  How/why your Body works, Mind to Muscle Power.

Month 2: All your Muscles/Movements/Sensory activities explored.

Month 3: Integrated Wholeness, Bringing it all Together.

Timing: Timing:  A regular morning 2½ (consecutive) hours per week.

Start date: Monday 23rd October 2017. 9.30am to midday.
Trial Date: all details..Saturday 7th October 9.30am to 12 midday.

Each week you will focus on another aspect.  And every week will build on previous weeks learning.

Each lesson is part lecture, experiential, questions and group interaction.  You will bring your unique interests, learn from other people’s exploring; and others can observe.  Everyone learns from each other.

Homework: You will have no formal homework, however online videos, papers, and remote learning will be offered to further your understanding.

Learning: You will learn through participation in all aspects of it including reading and after class internal practice.   Each class day you will have opportunity to volunteer an activity/topic you wish to explore.  You will work/explore with me while the class observe.

Class numbers: Because the numbers will be no more than 6 you will have ample opportunity to participate and have direct teacher feedback.  This will equip you to have a more detailed outlook and practice for yourself and for helping others.

Outside education: Occasional teachers /disciplines will be invited – Alexander teachers, overseas visitors, visitors who can enhance your knowledge.


Once you have attended the 3 months and a private consultation with me, you will be presented with a certificate of achievement.   Should you consider training further, this credit will be valid.


There is a one off cost of $975 payable prior to the start date.  Cost normally $2925 in total.

Guarantee – Offers a solid full refund if you are not 100% happy with your learning.  This applies to full attendance and participation throughout the programme.

How to Reserve your place: for Basic Alexander and Voice Programme?

  • Submit a fully refundable $50 application fee
  • Book an interview with Jann

NB:  There is only be place for 6 applicants to facilitate maximum 1-2-1 time.

Please Note –

This programme is the stepping stone, giving you the solid foundation for your improvement.

It does not qualify you as an Alexander Technique teacher.

However it does give you the option to continue with further later study to attain qualification.

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