5 Important facts about Sitting

We mostly sit too long; at the computer, in the car, watching TV.  How can we be sure we are not causing a permanent collateral damage every time?

5 important facts about sitting.

Fact #1 – Sitting is a whole ‘you’ affair.
Even when you just sit on a chair, every bit of you is involved.  Your physical, mental, emotional, psychological, vocal being is ‘sitting’.  You are all of these!

Fact #2 – Did  you know that originally the chair was a symbol of power?  The word ‘chairman’ was born to indicate upper rank or ‘Highness’.  Images shown on Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets show that pharaohs were seated:  the ‘lesser’ individuals either sat or grovelled on the floor.  Other lesser mortals sat on stones or benches.

Fact #3 – What is the best chair to sit on?  Should it be ergonomically designed?  Or is it another issue?
In short, not even an ergonomic chair will get you out of your habitual way of sitting.
One client who came to me had excruciating back pain. She’d bought herself the most expensive semi-reclining, heavily padded chair she could find, so she could sit comfortably…a virtual bed.  Now since her sessions, she can use any chair and be comfortable.  This is the bottom line.  How are you sitting when you are sitting?

Fact #4NB> You have natural postural muscles specifically designed to support your sitting.
There is much misconception about how to sit better, how to ‘hold yourself better’, how to activate the core muscles and so on.  Here are some examples for getting to grips on postural ease.

Fact #5 – When sitting in any sedentary activity, what’s absolutely important is, how you sit when you sit!
Long before the advent of a chair, humans squatted.  Back problems were limited to accidental injury, because the mechanical use (of the skeleton) adhered to the natural design of the body.

To sum up the 5 important facts about sitting – how to sit best comes down to your awareness of muscle tension and learning effective ways to release it.   In my Alexander training a visiting trainer taught me to sense the tension physically leave my body.  My torso lengthened and my arms and legs let go to sitting effortlessly.

This is not an exercise of determined will, as in exercising.   It is in the learning process. The results in terms of stress release are worth it.  To be more aware through daily activities.

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