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Alexander Teacher Training

Welcome to the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre — Auckland

If you are looking for a new career, the Alexander Technique can give you not only personal benefit but an interesting and inspiring occupation too.

How do you know you want to become and Alexander teacher?

Pre-Training In-House Trial

Join the 10 week class to find out if this is for you.
If you continue, this time will be credited towards your training period.

Email me for the details.

To become a recognized teacher of the Alexander Technique a three year full time course is undertaken, a minimum 1600 hour commitment is required by the constitution. This enables a learner teacher to develop the finely tuned hands and mind required to teach this work.

A general prerequisite (should you want to make application) consists of a number of private lessons plus an interview with the head of training.

On completion of the training course a graduate may apply for ordinary (teaching) membership of the Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand (ATTSNZ). This is an internationally recognized body, affiliated to Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT) in the United Kingdom and the other official Societies around the world.

Training dates in Auckland dates to be announced.

For further details email Jann , or call +64 (0)21 153 7774.
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Aims and Conditions for Training

Our aim is to:

  • Train Alexander Technique teachers of the highest professional standard and
  • Inspire a climate of open-minded inquiry and a lifelong commitment to personal growth.

Although having a small class in number, it is lively with plenty of time to explore and learn the (down to earth) integrity that is the Alexander Technique.
It also allows time to make the changes in yourself necessary to being able to teach it to others.  And to become confident to give others the experience of what good Alexander hands and technique mean.

Alexander teachers wanting to up-skill are welcome to apply for Post Graduate studies.

Teacher training taster course: We also offer a short course of one to five weeks for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Alexander Technique with a possible view to taking the fully accredited three year training course. You will receive individual work from very experienced teachers and enjoy lectures, discussion groups and guided hands learning and attention.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us.

Guidelines for prospective students.

The Alexander Teacher Training Course lasts three years with four terms of approximately twelve weeks each. The terms are arranged to coincide with primary and secondary school terms where possible.

Training Programme and what is required.

The three year curriculum consists 80% to 85% of practical application by the student to improve his/her own use during the training hours and in the day.
Studying the books of FM Alexander and other prime teachers of the technique.
The gradual implementing of the students knowledge and working towards teaching others.

To be proficient in these steps the basic principles of Alexander’s discovery need be well learnt, principles of:

  • A good understanding of ‘the primary control’
  • Awareness of habits that are contrary to the good use of the student and others
  • Grasping the need to change the unreliable sense of self.
  • The ability to grasp and use direction and inhibition of the individual.

In addition, specifically the overall 3 year work is as follows:

Year 1:  The student will be guided through improving their own psycho-physical use to raise their own understanding and what is required in themselves to further their aim to teach others.  There will be study and discussion weekly together with consistent referral to anatomy and physiology. Some time will also be spent with related topics

Year 2: On direction of the trainer the student will be guided into working with other students with assistance of other teachers and at times with visiting teachers.

Year 3: This builds on the knowledge gained already with further study and discussion.  And the prospect of working and giving lessons under supervision.

  • Prospective students need prior sufficient experience of the Alexander Technique.
  • A good general level of education and some work experience.
  • Prospective students are invited to take a series of individual lessons.
  • In all cases the first term is probationary.

Opening Times
The class takes place daily, Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 12.o0pm.

Tuition Fees
The fees are $2950 per term, payable monthly on the first day of each month and are not refundable. If additional training beyond the three year minimum is required fees are payable for the extra period.

Our Teachers

Head of Training
Jann McMichael comes from a background of growth in human potential including  teaching and nursing. Her vision is to train new teachers in Alexander to their highest potential and is very excited to share this worthwhile journey with a new generation of teachers.

Suffering from persistent severe back problems, she found Alexander Technique to be the only way to obtain long term relief. From a growing interest, she decided to train to teach the Technique.

Jann completed her training in 1998 in Cape Town, privileged to learn under Walter Vaughn Jones where she then taught for two years.
For 2010 she studied extensively with very experienced second generation teachers qualified by FM Alexander, Peter and Ellie Ribeaux. She also worked in London with teacher trainers Anthony Kingsley, Stephen Cooper, Ilana Machover and Refia Sacks in their training schools.

Jann has run a thriving practice for nineteen years.  She has worked with all ages, and backgrounds from all ages, all walks of life, medical staff; performers; computer users; athletes etc. etc.
She has a broad experience in group introductory workshops in adult education centres, with medical and dental peer groups and staff, as well as pain clinics.

Jann holds professional membership of STAT and ATTSNZ. She has served on the board of ATTSNZ.

Assistant Teacher
Claire Stenhouse first became interested in the Alexander Technique when she was a young studio potter.    had helped with his repetitive strain injuries, . When Claire suffered repetitive strain injuries (an occupational hazard for potters), a German pottery teacher suggested  Alexander Technique.  She was immediately impressed with the way the Technique enabled her to reduce stress and heal her own body. The decision to train to be a teacher to further develop her own skills and help others was a natural progression in personal growth.

Claire graduated in 2003 from the first STAT approved Training School in New Zealand, directed by Carolyne Jamieson. Since then Claire runs a busy practice in Auckland and has attended workshops by International Alexander teachers Jane Heinrich, Bob Britten and others.

Claire has background experience in music (cello playing), studio pottery (14 years), tramping, swimming, yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi. She is presently assistant teacher in the Yang Style Tai Chi School Auckland. She has found Tai Chi to be remarkably compatible with Alexander; both share the added dimensions of internal and external aspects of movement, body/mind awareness, and co-ordination.

Claire is passionate about the individual’s potential for personal growth and development, particularly during the Teacher Training process

Note: Our teachers have completed the required three years full time training, are members of ATTSNZ and adhere to a published code of ethical and professional standards.

Throughout the training year, a number of other teachers will visit the class. They include long experienced teachers from New Zealand, Australia or further, bringing their different experiences of music, voice, sport etc to the school.
Our ATTSNZ moderator is Grant Dillon.

Additional Information

The Alexander Teacher Training Centre, Auckland is approved by ATTSNZ affiliate society of the international body of the STAT society of Alexander teachers.

For more information email Jann