Good advice for Tech Neck sufferers

Tech neck and back problems are on the rise. Even pre-school kids are being subject to this modern-day weakness.  We all know what text neck looks like.  Nobody actively wants it.  Yet it is an exponentially growing dilemma, more so as children get back to school again

As phones get bigger, brighter and better, the lure to the screen leads to ignoring time with buddies (except those online) and social life while physically reducing the quality of life.

The fingers get faster (but not more flexible).   Nerves and tendons are irritated in the hands, arms are tightened to control the speed needed.  The eyes and ears get immediate screen focus, to the exclusion of everything.

Lifetime habits form that are not beneficial to growth and development in adults or children. Lee Umbers writes about 4 year olds Tech Neck injuries:

“Sit up straight” you’re told.  “Head up; pull your shoulders back; hold your phone in front of your face; don’t drop your head” etc, etc.  Yes, we all know these answers huh?  There’s plenty of well-meant advice; all given with good intent.  The method however is incomplete.

So you’ve been to the osteopath, or perhaps the chiropractor, even had physiotherapy and/or  massage.   Yet the pain keeps returning.

Why is it not working?

After you’ve tried all the advice and treatments, you’ve changed your ergonomic surroundings, you’ve even changed your phone, so what’s missing?  The consistent ‘missing’ is the whole you!  As the saying goes, with eggs and bacon, the chicken is involved, the pig is totally committed.

Until you involve your whole system or your ‘self’, your results will remain the same.

Here’s good advice for Tech Neck sufferers.  We have a sure solution.

What you need to know to regain your pain-free Self is to find out just how you have ‘altered’ your ‘hardware’ without actually knowing what it is you were doing.

Don’t lose heart now!

Alexander Technique gives you the chance to reboot your whole system, re-install the software.  It allows you to shed the unnecessary add-ons you have made to regain the neutrality that was there when you were still quite young.

How is Alexander different?

It allows you to dig deep into your ‘unconscious’ mismanagement.  Your symptoms are not a sign of ‘age creeping up on you’, but a provoking prod that its time to do something…..different!

The osteopath can put your bones back, but your muscles have a memory and they will pull your bones out again.   The Alexander Technique shows you what those memories are, and how to let them go; then your bones will stay where they are meant to be.

As one of my young clients put it a few days after her first session “Gosh, I’ve never felt so relaxed!”

This is good advice for tech neck sufferers.  For sustainable good results!  Once you know it, you cannot lose it!

My story.

Eighteen years after my back pain first started, and subsequently neck pain too, since nothing else had worked, I decided to try Alexander Technique.  One of my favourite memories is the long fifteen hour car trip I made; I did NOT get neck pain – at the end of it!

97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique – Jack Stern, spinal neurosurgeon

If this interests you and you would like to find out more about it, I will be doing a 4 week group class: Contact me for more info.

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