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Transform your posture – Kent

This learning programme enlivens you to use your power within!  Essential tools & skills to free your body and flexibility; and live with confidence.

Are you struggling in one or more of these?

  • Poor posture & alignment
  • Excess neck/back/shoulder muscle tension
  • Standing or sitting too long
  • Inability to relax when needed
  • Nerves & Confidence
  • Not good enough in my sport/music/exercise etc

During class we work with –

  • Whole-body harmony and equilibrium.
  • Breathing with ease and coordination.
  • “Body mapping”.
  • Power rest: a quick, easy method to re-organize head/neck poise and overall balance.
  • Participants integrate what’s learned into standing, walking and common activities like sitting at a desk.

Jann. a highly experienced visiting Alexander teacher from New Zealand has taught for 20 years. Have fun learning the fundamentals with her in order to transform how your body feels, looks and moves. Experience benefits like pain relief, improved performance, and general well being!

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At: Leybourne Chase, West Malling, Kent

£15 per session.  Come to both evenings for £25.

Come to one, come to both!
All welcome; beginners and ‘already knowers’ – deepen your knowledge base.
Booking is strongly recommended to ensure a place.

Work on your muscle habits in a personal tailored session £45 for 40min.
Want to change your life; book 5 sessions in 5 days – £200.
Limited time slots available.

To ensure every student wins, enrolment will be limited to 10 spots.

What you’ll discover in this intro class:  how to practically apply the ground-breaking discoveries of F.M. Alexander by exploring basic anatomy in a practical, embodied way and how to use it with utmost efficiency.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn:

  • to find out the real origin of shoulder/back aches; what to do about it.
  • to release tension long term, especially sit with comfort for hours at a computer….
  • gain confidence in your postural movements
  • to release stress for a good night’s sleep.

Jann says, “work with  me in a nurturing environment.  I’m an experienced Alexander teacher/trainer   I observe subtleties about how you are using your body in your activities.  With verbal and my well trained ‘Alexander hands’ guidance, we work together to help you solve your particular problem.

You’ll be encouraged to suggest your own activities.  Instead of being told answers, you’ll discover your most efficient solutions with guided know-how.  A long-lasting learning!

I did the workshop with Jann. I was really impressed with her knowledge and personal approach.  Anyone who suffers from back pain or just wants to increase their health and well-being I would recommend this. Elvira Abdrazakova, MBA. Real Estate Agent Auckland.

£15 per session.  Come to both evening get the discount.  £25.

Transform muscle habits – book a personal tailored session £45 for 40min.
Change your life; 5 sessions in 5 days – £200.

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