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Back or Neck Pain

Are you looking for an effective and clinically proven way to repair damage that consumes back and neck pain sufferers?  Up to 80% of the population has back pain at some stage in their lives.

This article from British Medical Journal’s ‘Back Pain Trial’ shows how to learn through pain.
A growing number of doctors world-wide recommend the Alexander Technique to their patients.

Jann’s story….I was diagnosed with a slipped disc at 33.  After 18 years of treatments, exercises, medical intervention….I tried everything, even faith healing!  By then pains referred up my back, a numb side of my head, down my hip and leg.

Discovering Alexander Technique was such an eye opener, it was a no-brainer to become a teacher.  After 3 intense years training, I have never looked back.  So…..if you…..

  • -want to make a difference to your aches and pains?
  • -improve chronic, simple mechanical or postural nerve or arthritic pain?
  • -improve your posture?
  • -help scoliosis, sciatic, musculo-skeletal pains where your movements contribute.
  • -experience freedom from neuralgia or facial numbness, leg pain?
  • -release tiredness, depression?
  • -and/or get more out of life………?

Stay young at any ageThis is where the Alexander Technique comes into its own.
It takes you to the very seat of the problems.
Learning the technique enables you to stop the damaging process.
To build and maintain a well functioning head/neck/spine system:
To alleviate and repair the damage already done.
People recovering from accidents may benefit from this technique too.

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A Pain in the Neck! Should we give up texting! 

The ‘pain in the neck’ definition in the English dictionary is ‘being annoying or irritating’.  Neck pain is the ‘modern curse’.

Addressing ‘text neck’ has a need for permanent solutions.  Being in this modern world with all its (stress producing) gadgets and gizmos we need to find ‘real’ answers to the real causes.

The results of a new study **Annals of Internal Medicine indicates long term reduction in chronic neck pain after   Alexander Technique lessons and Acupuncture.  My physician relative was very impressed. The reputable medical journal article showed a well conducted randomized trial” **American College of Physicians.

Ask me if you want to know more about it.

Medical Testimonials

Carolyn Butt, Social Worker, Adolescent Mental Health says: “A year ago, I suffered a disc protrusion in my lumbar spine and several bulging discs in my thoracic spine. I had a month off work, and depression had kicked in.

Everything Jann has taught me makes absolute sense. I leave her lessons feeling taller and freer. I have dispensed with the 40 minutes of physiotherapy strengthening exercises which aggravated my pain. My depression has lifted. My pain levels are now minimal to nil. Friends notice a new calmness in me.

I am writing this from the UK. My spine has not protested at being subjected to a 40 hour flight; and I am just a beginner! I would love to be able to offer to others what Jann has shown me and so I plan to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.” Auckland June 2009

Dr Kai Andreas, Practitioner in Occupational Medicine, Auckland, says: “The Alexander Technique was suggested as an alternative approach to manage my chronic lower back pain. I had tried many different treatment strategies without much success.

At first I was a little sceptical about the concept especially as my medical background had always focused on manipulative therapies. It was hard to learn “not doing” rather than “doing”. Very quickly I was taught to identify some bad habits and became much more aware of better posture/poise. I applied the teaching to my daily activities/work and found this to be very useful. I am still in the early stages having completed 10 sessions and whilst my overall pain has not improved much yet, I feel more in control and am able to alleviate the acute pain exacerbation more effectively. I am certain that applying what I have been taught will help me to self manage my lower back problem. The technique is very gentle and I can recommend this to anybody with spinal problems

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