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Computer Workers

How to work pain-free for hours on a computer.

Alexander at KeyboardSince you have arrived to this part of the site it is quite obvious that you use the computer and I guess, have realized already that it matters how you do it.

The way we use computers and modern technology is affecting every aspect of our lives.

FM Alexander maintained that modern change was happening faster than our possibility to change; our (technical) cleverness being too fast for our ability to adapt.

So how to welcome technology but still take care of ourselves.

Many companies worldwide are organizing Alexander Technique lessons as they realize the overall benefits this brings to the health and performance of the companies employees.

The way of sitting is mainly influenced by the furniture and what your point of focus is when sitting. During many daily hours, this position greatly influences your posture.

For example, if you think of your head, it weighs approximately 6 — 8kgs and is supported by the spine; the lower torso surrounds the pelvis.  This support the legs which rest on the ground.

Alexander work at ComputerMany computer users complain of headaches, stiff neck, backaches, hip and/or knee pain and most of them are aware of the origin of these symptoms.

However, not many people are aware that other health complications such as problems with digestion, disturbed concentration, depression, varicose veins, just to name a few are caused by a tendency to sit using poor positioning of self. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then I have good news for you!
You dont have to live with those problems!

Whatever we do, we are involved with physical forces. With awareness of yourself, your actions and the forces on them, this helps us to move, to rest, and to work with minimal stress and tension on the body. Since the body doesnt need any other support to stay composed, neither does it require any stress to stand or sit. Learn how to remove (or undo) the stress and tension and it will work with the ease it was meant to all along.

Take a look at how you can sit, stand, and do all the normal everyday actions with less pull/push on your whole frame. You only have one vehicle for life.

Find out more about how to do less, and be more efficient; email Jann McMichael.