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Drums, Percussion and the Alexander Technique

At the end of his first lesson Stephen Thomas, well known Auckland drummer observed for the first time: “To think that I am the source of my own pain!”

Learning percussion brings its own challenges which Alexander learning has some surprising secrets for easier playing.

drummer-5-460-85Playing a set of drums with the activity of the arms and the legs all going in different ways to each other takes years of practice to perfect. And to keep from losing the easiness and fluidity in time need become the focus. Oddly, the more this focus takes over, the harder it is for the drummer to keep from tightening up in order to keep to the music.

If there is no upward flow in the drummer, the need to freeze up the hips to cope with the pace leads to more and more immobile hips with the legs getting more strained.

To turn this around, it needs to become a two way direction; the feet are stabilizing downwards into the ground while from the hips through torso there is a direction that takes the head up and away from the hips. Gravity has much less chance of making a negative impact and the drumming can become a different tone. Alexander lessons will enhance this possibility, the Alexander teacher will teach the musician this way.

Less is more, as the saying goes. Applied to drumming, with the thoughts centred around process, the results can be easy to enjoy.

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