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Guitar and the Alexander Technique

Guitarists, to simplify posture control and take the pressure off your body and PLAY can be a matter of loving drumming or struggling.

GuitarDeveloping poise and ease while playing your Guitar:
I have taught many guitarists. Some play manual guitar, some electric, some jazz, classical or everyday guitar, some for fun and some for performance; the one thing is constant… It is easy to develop pain.

You try this position, then that position, your have massage, go to the doctor, the physiotherapist, and on and on. But finding a way out is elusive.

Posture and Poise with your Guitar:
To get optimal ease, place your two feet flat on the ground, your back maintains an upright angle to the seat, shoulders and arms are free and moving easily while your hips are relaxed on the chair.

Your prime focus is first to the way your are poised; and then, to the placing of the guitar on your knee in such a way that your arms are not dragging your shoulders forward.

Given this routine, repetitive strain in shoulders or arms can be reduced and even eliminated. Chronic neck pain or headaches are prevented.

One of my students said after a couple of Alexander lessons, she was amazed that with so little information, it could make such a big difference to her pain level and to making playing so much easier with so much more fun.

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