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Playing the Harp and Alexander Technique

The harp, like all stringed instruments, requires unique actions to get good results; not only for its delicate sound, but also for how much the harpist needs good posture to stop tension and stress.

Are you….

  • getting increased pain levels from playing?
  • dreading practice and play time?
  • doing anything rather than play?

Have you….

  • tried everything to ease your discomfort?
  • decided to stop and do something else?

The difficulty in playing a harp is that the only point of constant contact for the player is in the seat.  While the feet work pedals the arms and hands keep back and neck constantly moving.  The arms are lifted throughout the playing.  As well, the harp sits in the centre of the body so there is a tendency to move the head so as to see the fingers properly.

Inevitably this causes strain, chronic tense muscles and downward compression as harp and player struggle.

Although an Alexander teacher cannot teach how to play the harp, the lesson gives the harpist a chance to find out how best to combine all the needed actions while at the same time preventing the former tightening and of course, reducing pain.

The result, a happy harpist!

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