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spineScoliosis, a condition that affects many of all ages, is viewed as a sideways curvature of the spine. In some people with this condition it is obvious; yet others it is not noticeable unless they are placed standing against a grid.

More certain is the general complaint of twinges, aches and pains in neck, torso, hips and legs which an x-ray might reveal the basic cause of…the spine itself is not straight.
“By teaching people better body mechanics, it frequently enables patients to do away with pain — without having to undergo surgery.” Dr. Jack Stern, professor of neurosurgery at the New York Medical College.

Scoliosis affects our whole person; in the torso some muscles shorten and some slacken and, as a consequence they cause other muscles both above and below to accommodate this. While it is obvious how pelvis, ribs, head and limbs reshape as the spine changes, it is less easy to notice how the internal systems e.g. nervous and muscular, adapt as a result. The breathing is similarly affected. It even affects the way we think! The sufferer often adopts a ‘have to live with this’ outlook on life.

spine1The Alexander Technique has much to offer this condition. “it is an educational process with emphasis on teaching principles of optimal control and using these principles in everyday movements.” – John A. Macy, Physiotherapist, Nebraska.

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