Hello shoulders! Hello arms!

by in Posture, Flexibility & Body Mapping August 2, 2019

Welcome to the shoulder and arm department. What do you need to know to get the best possible results from your shoulder department? 

How important are they? Ignore them at your peril!

Because of nagging aches, much of my adult life has been trying to fix my arms and shoulders.  However, since my dodgy spine was the  major pain, the shoulders had whichever therapy to fix them!  Find out more of (the dilemma of chronic pain)

Since blaming others for not achieving improvement didn’t work, I started exploring what I was doing to cause this.  It was then that I decided to step up lessons and in fact to train to be a teacher of Alexander Technique.

One day during my Alexander training, our trainer stated “The shoulders are the Pandora’s box.  Ignore them at your peril”!

This peaked my interest very much. Especially since no other body part had ever been selected to have special mention up till then.  What was I doing to cause this?

What is the most important part of our shoulder and arm structure? 

To now, as long as my arms did the necessary lifting and carrying and anything else needed!… they were there for convenience sake.  (Unknown to me of course, at my peril)!

I began to puzzle the intricate design and co-ordination of my limbs.

Interestingly, while learning the tools of Alexander technique, I did not immediately recognise that strength was returning to my arms and shoulders too.  It was happening indirectly. 

Those were very exciting times.

In the next 5 articles I will open Pandora’s box to reveal the secrets…
What I’ve realised over the last twenty years during my own discoveries and more importantly of teaching others.

Do you currently have issues with your arms?  Or shoulders?  Email me; I’ll be sure to answer you straight away.