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About Jann

About Jann McMichael.  Her story continues..

Jann McMichael01 Alexander Technique AucklandIt affected every aspect of my life, no more pain free days; I started curtailing my work hours, gave up my favourite dancing, could not play with my children. Depression settled in, I became more and more grumpy and tired all the time. I spent my day miserable and couldn’t wait for bed.

The chair is our worst enemy, huge comfy sofas, luxurious patio chairs, even special ergonomic office chairs.I now recognize this led to my downfall! Slouching and slumping, over time my postural muscles became weak, my back no longer stable.

During my fourth pregnancy my back gave in.  After this I experienced chronic lower back pain, numbness and neck pain for years.  Despite seeking every kind of medical care and exercise I had little to no relief. Eighteen years later, the turning point came while reading a magazine article. These words ‘Find your Body Balance, replacing Poor Body Control with a Finely-tuned Equilibrium leads to Inner and Outer Harmony’ started my journey to relief.  I knew this was what I have been searching for.  I flew 6,000 miles to find an Alexander teacher and discover what it could do for me.

After my first session, although still in pain, I remember walking down the street, a whole weight had literally been lifted from my shoulders. I kept repeating what the teacher had told me Let my neck be free!. A new experience!

I returned to Africa and started this work on myself. It was energizing, exciting. For the first time in years I had something positive. I could sit in a chair without having to support my neck. I was fascinated at the positive repair taking place in both pain and symptoms through applying the Technique. It became obvious that I train to become an Alexander teacher and to offer this to opportunity others. I also have osteoporosis without any ill effect now.

Now I teach the Technique full time and pain is a thing of the past.


Jann and Ian McMichael live in Auckland, New Zealand. Jann is well known and highly respected as a teacher. She teaches the Technique on both a one-to-one basis and in groups from One Tree Hill, Auckland. They communicate the importance of maintaining strong poise and ease through their wisdom and understanding the value of the Technique. Ian energetic and personable manner and Jann quiet focused teaching provide good support to this unique, innovative education.

Jann has studied extensively with top Alexander trainers in England, Australia and South Africa.

  • Qualified at F.M. Alexander Teacher Training Cape Town 1998, Head of Training: Walter Vaughn Jones,
  • Studied through 2010 at the London Alexander Training School: Trainers Peter and Ellie Ribeaux.
  • Jann worked with Illana Machover and Anthony Kingsley (London) and Stephen Cooper (Oxford) and John Grey.
  • She is setting up the Auckland School for Alexander to train teachers. Click here for more info.

Since qualifying I have worked with a wide range of people from many walks of life and enjoy how the Technique enables people to make the very best of whatever they are engaged in. I have spent many years in refining the skill of articulate communication and bring this skill to my teaching. I have also run many group courses to facilitate a better understanding of it.”

Jann and Ian earned certification from STAT(SA). STAT(Society for Teachers of Alexander Technique), the professional teaching body internationally recognised; established in 1958 to promote and attain a high recognised status for all Alexander Teachers registered. ATTSNZ (Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand) is an affiliation of STAT.

Ian and Jann studied with Walter Vaughn Jones, trained by Master teachers Peter Scott, Marjory and Wilfred Barlow; worked with Pat MacDonald — all first generation teachers of F.M. Alexander.

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Who is F M Alexander?

F. M. Alexander, an unusual man, who, without his ability to question beyond recognized opinion in order to gain a greater understanding, developed this unique fundamentally practical technique.

Through years of patient application to himself, he corrected his own default, a hoarse voice when he was on stage. Through this his method of psycho- physical re-education evolved.

When Alexander started teaching people his technique he would talk and give them the experience of his hands. He later discovered that when using his hands and simultaneously maintaining his own good use, the pupil would gain much more ground.

The uniqueness of this technique not to teach a new exercise nor a new way of doing something, but rather to educate the mind and the muscle to undo, is ultimately the more effective.

For more information email Jann McMichael