Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Free chronic back, neck, joint pain and muscle tension…..the easy way. 
Muscle tension is the coping mechanism for chronic pain.  
More importantly, it subsequently builds up more muscle tension..more pain!

Do you …

  • have chronic pain in your head, neck, back, hip joint, knee joint, or ankles?
  • have sciatica, scoliosis, tennis elbow, RSI?
  • work long hours at a computer?
  • constantly take pain killers?
  • find standing or walking for more than fifteen minutes painful?
  • take more than four days off per month for pain?
  • does pain stop you from carrying on normal activity or
  • keep you awake at night?
  • is the pain back within two weeks after physio or massage?

If you answer ‘yes’ to more than five questions above, this may be the case for you:

It is time to TAKE NOTICE…. time for a change.

If your system collapses or pulls down, there are consequences.  There may be little warning signs…

a) pinched nerve in the back,
b) achey shoulder, arm or wrist.
c) a hip or knee that is always sore

Your body is telling you it’s time to TAKE NOTICE.

For example:

After a broken limb has healed and physio is finished, the  (compensating) muscles may not resume their normal function. This becomes habitually fixed.

Learning your way out of the cause is the vital step.

Find out what you are doing that is the deep cause and you can regain healthy movement.

This is what I can help you with.

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