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How to Learn Alexander Technique

Learn in Groups (Scroll down for private sessions details)

Thank you for the workshop, it was incredibly valuable for me in addressing some long term structural issues I have.” Erica J — Computer Based Consultant.

Transform your Posture Class

Whether at home or in the office, performing on stage, in the gym or anywhere…  No matter what you do, resolve to explore  the deep-set causes that make your day long and hard to get through!

  • Improve posture, coordination, and self-awareness.
  • Reduce tension and stress in everyday activities;
  • At a computer too long?  Particularly for those who are;
  • Relieve chronic pain; lower back, neck, shoulder tension.
  • Deepen awareness in all activities such as walking, talking, sitting etc.
  • Improve breathing in your day
  • Sing and/or speak with confidence

What you will learn….

  1. Be confident you are preventing and improving your posture.
  2. Know your Muscle and Bone Structure to improve all movements
  3. Release neck and back pain long term
  4. Practice the skills from the 1st week to get more consistent results.
  5. Each week increases your ability to improve.

. email me for date and details
Royal Oak Venue (off street parking)
Limited places; maximum number 8 per class.

If this interests you….email now to have a place.

Learn in private sessions:

Cost of sessions.

  • Private 1-2-1 hourly sessions $90.  Have an assessment consultation – springboard to your personal postural needs.  Explore key concepts to understand your unique benefits.
  • Special Starter package – If this is your first time, here’s my special starter offer.
    Sign up for 6 sessions – cost $540.  You pay  $500.
    After 6 lessons you’re experiencing much less tension and stress.  It starts to feel easier and more comfortable.  Your everyday actions like moving, sitting, standing, working have all eased up.
  • 10 lesson package  Costs $900.  You pay $790
    After 10 lessons you are more able to use your new found knowledge more and more.  Moving and Breathing  feel more relaxed.  You have greater understanding of what your body can achieve, more confidence in yourself.
  • Best Package: 24 sessions Costs $2160.  You pay $1680.
    After 24 lessons you are certain about what you have learnt and can apply it to all areas of your life.  You have explored key concepts and experienced the benefits unique to you. You are confident in being able to sustain your successes. You love your ease and flexibility.
    All sessions by appointment to suit.

All sessions by appointment to suit.

Email me or call me +64 021 153 7774 to book a session.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

If you are interested in pursuing the course of becoming an Alexander Technique teacher, please go to the Teacher Training page for details.

For more information email Jann.