Current Workshops

Learn Alexander Technique

Because everyone has different reasons for learning Alexander Technique, you can choose private sessions or group classes.  Whether at home or in the office, performing on stage, in the gym or anywhere, resolve to explore deep-set causes that make your day harder to get through!

What you learn to do….

  • Be confident you are preventing and improving your posture, coordination, and self-awareness.
  • Know your muscle and bone structure to improve all movements: in everyday activities such as walking, talking, sitting etc.
  • Release chronic pain; neck and lower back, shoulder tension: long term.
  • Enhance your breathing skill and confidence
  • Practice the skills from the 1st session to get more consistent results.
  • Each week increases your ability to improve.

Our Options and Benefits (online sessions available)

Kathy says about online sessions: ‘Although I am not a new client of Jann’s – I was new to having an online session with her via Zoom this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but both Jann and I approached the session with a sense of ‘let’s see what’s possible’ and it really worked. Probably the most useful aspect for me was that the session was based in my own surroundings – such as my home office – so we could focus on my unique environment, rather than me having to ‘translate’ the principles from Jann’s place to my own. As always – Jann’s focus on me as the client and a real desire to explore this new way of working together provided the real key to the session’s success.’

  • Private sessions:
    • the advantage of 1-2-1 lessons is having direct focus for yourself.
      • Cost

      • 1-2-1 introductory consultation $90.  – springboard to your personal postural needs.  Explore key concepts for your specific benefits.

      • Special Starter package – After initial consultation, sign up for 6 sessions – cost $540.  You pay $500.
        After 6 lessons you’re experiencing much less tension and stress. 
        It starts to feel easier and more comfortable. 
        Your everyday actions like moving, sitting, standing, working have all eased up


      • 10 lesson package– Costs $900.  You pay $810
        After 10 lessons you are more able to use your new found knowledge more and more.  Moving and breathing feel more relaxed.  You have greater understanding of what your body can achieve, more confidence in yourself.

      • All sessions by appointment to suit.

 For more information Email me or call me +64 (21) 153 7774 to book a session. 

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