Famous People who use AT

Famous People who use AT

Many actors and musicians, performers and famous people have used Alexander to sharpen their performance to maintain high energy in long productions. 

Madonna; Posh Spice; Dame Judy Dench; William Hurt; John Cleese; Kevin Kline; Paul Newman; Dr. Andrew Weil; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; George Bernard Shaw and author Roald Dahl; Moshe Feldenkrais (Of Feldenkrais Method); John Dewey, and many more.

Patrick Maddams:
Is the managing director for the Royal Academy of Music UK.    He understands the importance of a healthy and pain free body.  To maintain a creative force in music. He says; “The Alexander Technique can be sustaining; it is something that if learned well, can be carried along with you for the rest of your life. It gives you confidence to be who you are when you are up in front of an audience”.

John Cleese:
One of the famed members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, John Cleese, is a chronic back pain sufferer. Upon acquiring the Alexander Technique for his pain management regimen, he comments, “Mr. Alexander has done a service to the subject [reflex and voluntary movement] by insistently treating each act as involving the whole integrated individual: the whole psycho-physical man. To take a step is an affair, not of this or that limb solely, but of the total neuromuscular activity of the moment, not least of the head and neck.”

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