How to Energise your Acting  and Drama

Confident performance and daily rehearsals are heightened by knowing yourself well through Alexander Technique, increasing poise and buoyancy.   And also for poise and buoyancy and lightness.  Combine with fine-tuning your character physically and emotionally, now you can learn special skills to play your part well. 

How Alexander Technique came to be known.

Frederick M. Alexander, was a Tasmanian born actor.  He developed a glitch; losing his voice.  Hence he forced himself to find a lasting solution.  This  vocal stress became his inspiration to find a lasting solution.

FM Alexander developed unique poise and buoyancy.

As a result, over some eight years, in early 1900s, he refined his method that is subsequently sought after all over the world.  Most importantly, these skills have become well used in top acting and drama universities world-wide.

And since then,

Most actors, singers, performers, know the meaning of good body talk in their performance.  A musician fine tunes the instrument.  A performer tunes the body; develops real  imaginative freedom. Creates poise, buoyancy, lightness.  Hence, they gain a most free flowing act when performers use Alexander Technique.

Famous celebrities such as Madonna; Hugh Jackman; Judi Dench; Richard Gere; Joanna Lumley; Sir Paul McCartney; William Hurt and many more…embrace Alexander Technique.

Alan Rickman says,

With the best of intentions, the job of acting can become a display of accumulated bad habits, trapped instincts and blocked energies. Working with the Alexander Technique to untangle the wires has given me sightings of another way; mind and body, work and life together. Develop real  imaginative freedom.

Michael Hurst.

‘From the very first session with Jann I was able to focus on the physical habits of a lifetime; the cause of problems in my back. I achieved some considerable relief as I practiced the Technique. When I allow myself to think into what I am doing, walking, sitting, standing, I feel a sense both of calmness and of inner strength’.

Jennifer Ward Lealand.

‘I recommend Jann’s teaching  of Alexander Technique to actors who want to improve their sense of ease and physicality in a role’.

The Alexander Technique helps you, the actor become more of yourself even while ‘doing less’! 

To find out more, call Jann for how Alexander Technique can improve your performance