Pregnancy – Pre and Post Natal

The best ‘how’ of caring for you during and after pregnancy.

“Eat nutritious food, get good sleep, give up smoking.” etc. There is so much good advice for new mothers. However, do they get to the bottom line issues?  Exhaustion.  Back ache. Sore limbs.  Not enough good rest. Depression.

The most natural processes in life; pregnancy, birth and growing up…..  We the human race, should have the process perfect… yet we go wrong?

As the new life develops, extra weight and strain, mentally and physically, heap extra pressure on mother-to-be. She is more likely   to have an uncomplicated, easy birth when relaxed.

Joy Rattue, Auckland says “As a midwife, I know the importance of a relaxed and confident woman in labour”

To avoid excess pain or tension superior coping skills are required.

Being a mother, requiring energy beyond your usual norm, Alexander Technique gives you the skill to be ready for all situations of stress that being a mother brings.

My story..

“I was just drying the dishes and I sneezed!

Without warning, I couldn’t walk; because of a prolapsed, herniated disc causing excruciating pain.

Eighteen painful years later, despite constant medical, physio, acupuncture, yoga and osteopathic treatments, pain was my bed-fellow.

What I discovered after Alexander Technique. 

Firstly, I learnt that I was the cause of my pain!
Secondly, that my back problem started through poor habits in moving etc.
Thirdly and most importantly of all, I could do something about it myself!

Finally, little by little, through Alexander sessions I peeled back the layers.  I wish I had known it before my first pregnancy.

What you will realize… is how you can best help yourself.

Looking after your spine and the core muscles and ligaments that hold everything together is imperative during pregnancy. Without this greater knowledge you are a slave to your habits of life.

The benefits of Alexander Technique lessons are far reaching, in pregnancy, birth and life.

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