Self Care…. Top Tips for easier movement

Here is your check list for every day, every moment, no matter what you are doing…

   – –  Keep your body and your eyes moving at all times. A key is not tightening. A free neck equals a free arm equals free poise! Alexander Technique in action!

   – –  Vibrant action with free flowing movement gives easier results.   Move your body and the day will also move.

   – –   Dynamic breathing, everything moving as it needs…in time to the body’s tempo.

   – –  Limbs move to the tune of your actions; alive and responsive.  Let yourself flow to your own inner music…!

   – –  Respond to your thoughts… now a pause, now a new decision. Barking up the right tree for a change. Keep you on your toes….

   – –  Trust your sixth sense. Be your inner guide

   – –  Don’t worry about going wrong! There is no wrong in your life. Only your experience.

   – –  Live bold!  Live with confidence!  Your inner sense is alive….Release it!

   – –  And most of all have fun. Let your ends reveal your true means of poise and your own self belief.

Have you given yourself a boost?  Learn to live easier.  Contact me for more tips on how!

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