Learn to reverse the damaging effects of Stress!

Studies show that ninety percent of all illness is stress-related.  Are you stressed, tense, uptight, hassled!?  Do you suffer from..

  • sleeplessness or chronic depression,
  • muscle tension anywhere –back, neck, shoulder pain. which may eventually become arthritis or fibromyalgia.
  • Increased degree of risk taking,
  • shortness of breath. 

It may well directly cause chronic fatigue, anger, self-criticism, irritability, feelings of helplessness and depression.

How does it work?

During chronic stress, there is a build up in the body of excess hormone which tightens the muscle fibres.

This becomes an unconscious and habitual response to all stimulus.

How can you make it more effective?

While exercise and massage have a soothing effect on stress, there is an urgent need to work at the real core causes of this weakness or fault.

Learning Alexander’s discoveries gives an understanding and knowledge to the conscious mind to re-activate the release of the muscles and the bony structure.

You gain as you learn which muscular activities are chronically overworking, and which natural postural systems have been compromised over time.

Knowledge is power!

Consequently, when you are aware and awakened to your own ‘body map’: how each muscle plays its own part overall, you are better equipped to “get out of your own way”.

As a result, order is restored. Life becomes easier, the body becomes more flexible and much more pain free.

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