Teacher Training

Alexander Teacher Training

Are you looking for a new career. Alexander Technique can give you time and space to know yourself better, plus an interesting and inspiring occupation too.

 What does the Alexander Teacher Training require?

Becoming a recognized teacher  is a three year full time commitment.  
A minimum 1600 hours (full time) is required by the constitution.
In this time the learner  develops the finely tuned hands and mind required for this work.
It also allows time to make the changes in your confidence necessary to teach it. 

Is  this for you?  Attend a pre-training trial.

Email me for the details to enrol for a 10 week class to find out.
If you continue, this time will be credited towards your training period.
This is a prerequisite (should you want to make application).
Plus an interview with the head of training.

What will the Alexander training give you?

On completion of the training course a graduate may apply for ordinary (teaching) membership of the Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand (ATTSNZ). Affiliated to Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT).

Email for ways and means to enrol and train email here.

The training aim is to:

  • Train Alexander Technique teachers of the highest professional standard
  • Inspire a climate of open-minded inquiry and a lifelong commitment to personal growth.

Post Graduate studies

Alexander teachers wanting to up-skill are welcome to apply.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us.

Guidelines for prospective students.

The Alexander Teacher Training Courses last three years with four terms of approximately twelve weeks each.

Training Programmes: what is required.

The three year curriculum consists 80% to 85% of practical application by the student .
Studying the books of FM Alexander and other prime teachers of the technique.

And subsequently…

  • A good understanding of ‘the primary coordinating body design.
  • Awareness of habits that are contrary to the good use of the student and others
  • Grasping the need to change the unreliable sense of self.
  • The ability to grasp and use direction and inhibition of the individual.

Training news…

Jann McMichael comes from a background of growth in human potential including  teaching and nursing. Her vision is to share this worthwhile journey with a new generation of teachers. See more about Jann here

Jann has run a thriving practice for twenty two years.  She has worked with all ages, and backgrounds from all ages, all walks of life, medical staff; performers; computer users; athletes etc. etc.
She has a broad experience in group introductory workshops in adult education centres, with medical and dental peer groups and staff, as well as pain clinic.

For more information email Jann