Transform Your Posture Class

Transform Your Posture Class

Let your posture lead you to well-being.  Gain essential tools & skills to free your flexibility and live with confidence.   Are you struggling with any of these issues below?

  • Poor posture & alignment
  • Excess neck/back/shoulder muscle tension
  • Aching while standing or sitting for long
  • Inability to relax when needed
  • Lacking confidence; feeling nervous
  • Breathing or vocals are struggles
  • Improving sport/music/exercise etc

Upcoming classes: (in-house class temporarily halted due to Covid 19). 

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In a session you learn: The ground-breaking discoveries of F.M. Alexander. 

  • Whole-body harmony and balance. “Body mapping”
  • Breathing with ease and coordination.
  • Power rest: a quick, easy method to re-organize overall balance.
  • Participants integrate simple activities e.g. sitting or whatever activity class requests.
  • Discover the REAL cause of your aches and pains
  • You gain practical tools for your structural re-organization.
  • You explore basic anatomy in a practical, embodied way;
  • how to use it with utmost efficiency.  Also…

Group classes educate at every level…   Beginners and advanced learners experience simultaneously in more depth.  Group dynamics and a nurturing environment play a big part in the learning.

As a result…  You’ll discover your most efficient solutions with guided know-how for lasting learning! 

Elvira Abdrazakova – I did the workshop with Jann. I was really impressed with her knowledge and personal approach.  Anyone who suffers from back pain or just wants to increase their health and well-being I would recommend this. 

Thank you for the workshop, it was incredibly valuable for me in addressing some long term structural issues I have.” Erica J — Computer Based Consultant.

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If you would like to find out more about Alexander Technique and how you benefit, you are free to have a complimentary online 20-minute introductory session. Or you’re welcome to take part in an “open house” online session when available.