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Singing and Alexander Technique

Singing, Voice Strength, Breathing and Alexander Technique. 

I have spent my career empowering singers to find meaningful answers to deep dilemmas not yet answered e.g. how to prevent vocal injury, how to hold the note without tension and more…  Go here to

Singer Alexander TechniqueMany famous singers have curtailed or given up their passion for singing or stage work because of voice problems or hoarseness. Resorting to breathing or relaxation exercises, surgery or whatever treatment is available may bring relief. But the real cause is not being helped.

Internationally renowned tenor Peter Wedd said of his lessons: Just the growth I needed.

In getting more resonance, more sound or greater volume humans want to shine. Being in front of an audience brings huge challenges. And that is the biggest one! The more the effort, the harder it gets to achieve.

Mario Demiraj, Auckland vocalist and teacher : Before I came I had too much tension in my jaw when I sang which was making it harder to do so, it would wear out my vocal chords. Its helped me release my throat and my singing as well as my back too! Ive learnt some great tools in keeping healthy and fit. It helped with my guitar playing too, mainly easing up my shoulder.

F M Alexander faced this dilemma himself. He suffered recurring voice loss on stage. Medical advice he had was rest the voice, gargle etc. He undertook to find out what he was doing. After much patient study of his speaking patterns (pulling his head back and down), he was able to stop the cause and his voice reverted to its normal good condition.

In using the Alexander Technique is to really understand what you are (or are not) doing to get a good voice, to find out the most subtle and undetected contortions and tightness that may be present in both your voice, and your whole self.

I recently worked with someone who had been on stage for a week running, and his normally powerful voice was showing signs of weakness and over-strain. When he found what he was doing to go wrong he was able to change it. Find the real cause and restore the strength and power to the voice you can enjoy..for life!

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