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Running and Barefoot Running with Alexander Technique

running_1900849cThe big question about running is “What is required of your whole system, from head to toe that will make running a perpetual joy and a fun way of passing time or racing?”. If you stripped the physical form down to the skeleton, how does your whole system operate ensuring an easy passage to motion, running et al.

Knowledge is the key to keeping your innate balance and grace while running. Watch the finishing line in Olympic running.

Changing deeply ingrained habits developed over years can make all the difference. The difficulty arises when we are largely unaware of the extent of unnecessary mechanical motions.

Barefoot Running

run-freeThere is a growing interest in barefoot running; scientific study is making this more interesting to individuals as well. The idea of a more natural way of running becomes more and more appealing: Yet how much is the process of this way of being known to most.

Since the use of shoes, this has made the sense of ‘natural’ much less explicit and the feet lack the sense that was there before the use of shoes. The restrictions and habits of shoe wearing drastically dampens the ‘sight, sound and feel’ of a fully functional foot.

For the barefoot running individual to be efficient, much more knowledge, a head to toe exploration and discovery needs to be practiced to ensure a long lasting freedom to run and continue without damage and maintained good success.

Alexander Technique provides this in-depth knowledge.

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