Words from past and present clients and students who have benefited from learning with Jann.  Find out for yourself if you want to learn more and benefit from what Jann has to offer.

New Zealand celebrities – Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Michael Hurst –

“We support the potency and integrity of Alexander Technique for improving energy and sustained vigour in everyday life”.

Prof. Ian Loram, Manchester Metropolitan University:

“I am a scientist, motivated by my experience of Alexander Technique.  It has made a huge difference to my life. Watch this scientific Q&A discussion lead by Prof. Loram, as he outlines his scientific process to AT. https://youtu.be/YVID2q2jBP4

Sue Paterson, ESNZ Dressage Judge and Competitor says:

 “I started with Jann because I always seemed to have pain somewhere even though I was doing less than I used to. I had been visiting a chiropractor monthly for years and no longer attended my Pilates classes. I ride and compete in dressage and my horse is showing increased freedom and energy also”.

Social Worker Carolyn Butt says:

  • “I suffered a disc protrusion in my lumbar spine and several bulging discs in my thoracic spine.
  • I had a month off work, and depression had kicked in.
  • Everything Jann has taught me makes absolute sense.
  • I left her lessons feeling taller and freer.
  • I dispensed with the 40 minutes of physiotherapy strengthening exercises which aggravated my pain.
  • My depression lifted.
  • My pain levels are now minimal to nil.
  • Friends notice a new calmness in me.

I am writing this from the UK. My spine did not protest at being subjected to a 40 hour flight; and I am just a beginner! I would love to be able to offer to others what Jann has shown me so I have become an Alexander Technique teacher.”

Jasmine Christie of Auckland says:

I started Alexander Technique lessons with lower back pain from a series of sports injuries; after seeing different physiotherapists and doing gym rehab programmes I still couldn’t get back to my peak fitness.

After just the first session with Jann I realized it wasn’t the injuries causing the ongoing problems, it was how I used my body and how unconsciously I was doing that. Jann was brilliant at illustrating how my body could move or rest with ease   it was this amazing sense of lightness reminiscent of childhood.

Jann is a wealth of knowledge and so approachable. She was really patient with my unconscious actions and a generous teacher helping me develop awareness and learn direction. Alexander Technique seriously is a life changing process   after lessons you just can’t go back to the old unconscious ways whether out running, playing sport or watching TV!”

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