Alexander Books and Journals

Alexander Technique Books and Journals

Alexander Technique books are available online and from local libraries…from the following outlet:

These books may be available from Auckland Library

* Recommended for beginners.

*Your Guide to the Alexander Technique
Author: Gray, John, 1938 – 2018
Publisher: London : V. Gollancz, 1994.

*Body Learning – and introduction to the Alexander Technique:
Gelb, Michael.  Publisher: London : Aurum 2004

*[Resurrection of the body] The Alexander Technique: the essential writings of F. Matthias Alexander:
F. Matthias Alexander
Publisher: New York, NY : Carol Communications, c1989.

*Alexander Technique:
Stevens, Chris. Publisher: London : Macdonald Optina, 1987.

*The Complete Illustrated Guide To Alexander Technique:
Macdonald, Glynn. Publisher: Shaftesbury  1998.

The Use of the Self : its conscious direction in relation to diagnosis functioning and the control of reaction
F. Matthias Alexander
1869-1955, intro by Wilfred Barlow. 

Body Awareness in Action: A Study Of the Alexander Technique:
Jones, Frank Pierce.  Pub:1976

The Art Of Swimming : A New Direction Using The Alexander Technique.
Shaw, Steven. Publisher: Ashgrove  2001.

The Alexander Technique In Everyday Life:
Drake, Jonathan. Publisher:Thorsons, 1996.

Voice And The Alexander Technique : Active Explorations For Speaking And Singing:
Heirich, Jane Ruby. Publisher: Berkeley, Calif. : Mornum Time Press

The Alexander Principle:
Barlow, Wilfred. Publisher : Vista, 1998. Book list for students of The University of Auckland Library

The Alexander Technique: a skill for life:
Alcantara, Pedro de. Publisher: Marlborough : Crowood, 1999.

The Alexander Technique as I see it:
Macdonald, Patrick.  Publisher: Rahula, 1989.

The Alexander Technique Birth Book : A Guide To Better Pregnancy, Natural Childbirth, And Parenthood:
Machover, Ilana.
Publisher : Robinson, 1993

The Alexander Technique pregnancy and childbirth:
Forsstrom, Britta.
Publisher: London : Gollancz, 1995.

The Alexander Technique:
Leibowitz, Judith. Publisher: New York : Harper & Row, c1990.

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