Transform Your Posture Class

Transform Your Posture Class

Learn confident posture in a nurturing class environment. Gain essential tools and skills to combat ingrained structural issues.  To live with freedom of movement in your body, breathing and voice.

If you have issues ranging from:
  • Poor posture & alignment
  • Excess neck/back/shoulder muscle tension
  • Aching while standing or sitting for long
  • Inability to relax when needed
  • Generally lacking confidence; feeling nervous
  • Struggles with breathing or vocals
  • Improving sport/music/exercise etc

Upcoming classes and/or online classes email here to get full class info.

How is it valuable?  In a session you learn the ground-breaking discoveries of F.M. Alexander such as:

Learn confident posture:

through whole-body harmony and balance. “Body mapping”

Practice natural breathing:

with ease and coordination.

Discover the REAL cause:

of your aches and pains of ingrained structural issues through this knowledge.

Learn to Power Rest:

A quick, easy method to re-organize overall balance.

How do you do this?

Firstly you gain essential tools for your long term structural issues and re-organization.

explore basic anatomy in a practical, embodied way.

learn body confidence and how to use it with utmost efficiency and freedom of movement.

Lastly, group classes educate every level,

Because beginners and advanced learners experience simultaneously at their own level.  As well, group dynamics and a nurturing class environment play a big part in the learning.

As a result, whatever activity or past-time you do whether for work or for pleasure (see here for some lists), you’ll discover your most efficient solutions with guided know-how for lasting learning!

What past participants say:

 I did the workshop with Jann. I was really impressed with her knowledge and personal approach.  Anyone who suffers from back pain or just wants to increase their health and well-being, I would recommend this. Elvira Abdrazakova

“Thank you for the workshop, it was incredibly valuable for me in addressing some long term structural issues I have.” Erica J, Computer Based Consultant.

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If you would like to find out more about Alexander Technique; gain essential skills, learn confident posture, and find how it will benefit you, call me for a free complimentary online 20-minute introductory session and/or take part in an “open house” online session when available.