Sports Performance improves with Alexander Technique

Struggling in sports performance with straining muscles, stiff or inflexible joints or breathing?  Confidence in your body?   Use Alexander Technique.   A simple yet profound solution is available in the Alexander Technique.

If any one of these ring true for you, you’ve come to the right page.

You’d like to play sport in a way that doesn’t cause pain or strain?

You’re unhappy with your posture?

When you stand straight you feel stiff and uncomfortable?

You’d like to be more confident in your own body?

You would like to move more freely without pain?

Matt Sheehan, keen sportsman says,

In my sports I have noticed a number of things. Alexander Technique directly relates to perfect golf and swimming posture. I was really struggling in sports  performance.  I believe because of the AT I will see real gains in these sports. In addition I have found push-ups are much easier.

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Here, Ian tells his story of Alexander Technique and playing golf.  Get a better sense from him of what is the positive spinoffs here.

Horse Riding

It is true that the more the rider is free of inflexible joints on a horse, the more the horse improves its output and subsequently the rider’s comfort. Develop this skill will give you these.


All forms of exercise are a means to health.  Being free of stiffness in muscle tone makes it easier, more enjoyable, and much more beneficial.  Only you will know the difference, even in the first lesson.


I have seen how hard it is to run with effort and struggle.  Many runners struggle in sports performance.  By learning the simplest instructions will make all the difference.  You know when running is doing you good, when you wear a smile all the while!


Pilates is so good for stretching and toning the body.  By adding the skills I teach, you can be sure you will loosen inflexible joints.  And you will be your own best teacher for you!  Be confident that what you are taught is the best for your body.


Swimming can be hard or easy.  And the results will astound.  Which is it for you?  Do you secretly hate it?  Alexander Technique gives you a perspective that make slicing through the water a pleasure.

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