Who Benefits

Who Benefits from more Energy and Better Balance?

Achieve better balance and more energy for chronic aches, stress, computer user’s back and neck pain.  Get stress free solutions and easy breathing for performing arts and vocals and improved sports posture. It’s not a treatment or exerciseAlexander Technique can help you to re-discover your original soft-ware and re-energize your body. Unexpected and indirect benefits are the norm.

What is ‘bad’ Posture?  In some people it’s painful, in others just chronic collapse. See more here

Do you have constant pain in your head, neck, back, hip joint, knee joint, or ankles? See more here

Are you looking for an effective and clinically proven way to repair damage that consumes back and neck pain sufferers?

Get stress free solutions;  learn to reverse the damaging effects of Stress!

Understand the nature of Scoliosis.  Get better balance and freedom of aches of a sideways curvature of the spine.

In Pregnancy, Childbirth, being a Mother. Why looking after YOU is so important.

How to work pain-free for hours on a computer.

Learn how to make music endlessly.  Get stress free, yet be a pain-free musician!

Achieve better balance and breathing in Sports Performance with Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is all about changing these maladaptive habits so we can respond more effectively and achieve better, more efficient functioning.

For parents and young people, how are scholars coping with stress in the modern world?

Learn effective ways to the release of your sparkle for chronic aches and stress.  Energise daily rehearsals.