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We bring you our latest posture articles about fixed posture and body tips. What you can find out in these articles with Alexander Technique.

Did you ever wonder why or how we get a fixed posture as we age?

As you scroll through these articles, you will discover so many facts about our human lives, and how we can prevent the negative changes we don’t want.

These posture articles outline tips about what you should know.

For example, what you can do about your body for your best outcome.  Secondly, how to access the good benefits of natural walking, sitting and core exercises. 

You will also find out how to help the movement habits of fixed posture that get in your way of leading a full and satisfying life.

And most important of all, in these posture articles, get to know how best you can arrest the inevitable age process.  Have you ever been told that what you are suffering is just in the course of getting old?? 

Well, read here and know that you CAN do something about it.

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