Pre and Post-Natal Pregnancy

Learn effective care for pregnancy and natural birthing. From exhaustion, sore back, depression.  What’s your body silently going through?

While you’re told relax, get good sleep, eat nutritious food, give up smoking etc, what if you are still tight or sore?  As the new life develops, extra weight and strain, mentally and physically, heap extra pressure on mother-to-be.

Joy Rattue, a retired midwife, Auckland says “As a midwife, I know the importance of a relaxed and confident woman in labour.  She is more likely to have an uncomplicated, easy birth when relaxed”.

Consequently, greater coping skills are required.  Alexander Technique is made for pre and post-partum care.
My story.

“I was four months pregnant with my fourth child.  While drying the dishes, I sneezed!  Suddenly I couldn’t walk.  My diagnosis, a prolapsed disc!.  Eighteen painful years later with overall exhaustion, despite constant medical, physio, acupuncture, and osteopathic treatments, yoga, and exercise, pain was my bed-fellow.  I needed to learn effective care! That worked!  More of my story here…

What I discovered through Alexander Technique. 
  • Firstly, I learnt that I was the cause of my pain!
  • Secondly, that my spine had over years, shortened. I also had scoliosis.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, I learnt I could do something about it myself!
  • Finally, little by little, through Alexander sessions I peeled back the layers.  I wish I had known it all before my first pregnancy!
What you will realize… is how you can best help yourself.

Look after your spine and the core muscles and ligaments that hold everything together during pregnancy. Otherwise, you are a slave to your habits of life. The benefits of Alexander Technique lessons are far reaching, and can stretch to long after your children are grown up. 

For books on pregnancy and Alexander Technique go here..

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