Chronic Pain

Release chronic pain. Muscle tightness is the coping mechanism for long-standing pain. Prevent muscle tension to learn your way out of the cause to free it.  More importantly, with a good basic understanding of your body design and mechanical subtleties, you can prevent pain!  Read about my back pain story

Do you recognise your problem in this list? 
  • have chronic pain in your head, neck, back, hip joint, knee joint, or ankles?
  • suffer sciatica, scoliosis, tennis elbow, RSI?
  • work long hours at a computer?
  • take pain killers constantly?
  • find standing or walking for more than fifteen minutes painful?
  • take more than four days off work per month for pain?
  • stop normal activity because of chronic pain?
  • stay awake all night, can’t sleep?
  • get the pain back within two weeks after physio or massage?
Did you answered ‘yes?

To more than two questions above?  Find out the collapsed spine causes so you can learn your way out to get muscle ease. 

So, what can be the cause?

If your system is collapsed or pulled down there are consequences.  There may be little or no warning signs to prevent muscle tension.

  1. a) A pinched nerve in the back.  The spine is delicate and can lead the whole nervous system into disarray.

    b) An achy shoulder, arm or wrist. A repetitive action that is always faulty can over time become a lasting pain and seem impossible to free it.

    c) A hip or knee that is always sore.  Much like the upper body, this can cause the lower half to have similar result and causes muscle tightness.

    d) After a broken limb has healed and physio treatment is complete, the muscles may not resume their normal function. They become habitually fixed; undermining the body’s coping mechanism.
Learn your way out of fixed chronic pain to free it. 

Consider and discover what you are doing that is the cause.  Learn your way out of it to release chronic pain.  Understand how to stop doing it and the result will be to regain your healthy movements and free up chronic pain.  Here are some exercises to support posture pain.

This is what I can help you with.

My work, Alexander Technique, is to help you re-discover your original ‘soft-ware’ and re-energize that pathway.  Find out how this will work for you – email Jann  and/or apply for the free Posture Made Simple online series here to learn how it works.