Musicians and Singers – use Alexander Technique

It isn’t easy to uncover the myths about tension because it is hidden in pain.

Subsequently, making energetic music naturally pain-free is the challenge.  With natural pain relief!  Gaining calmness with poise and grace. Getting ease a professional music maker or singer deserves. Being a strong musician/singer.   Establishing innate posture and breathing.  This is what Alexander Technique is all about.

Being enthusiastic is a good start, yet there is more!

The keen instrumentalist and vocalist puts in endless hours to years practice and play.  Almost 90% develop injury or pain  of some sort through their playing/singing.  For the singer, the question that stands out is ‘how can I stop hurting my voice’?  Read more about it here.

Getting the answers that work shows what the real issues are.

Musicians tend to  wrap  themselves around their instruments rather than the other way round.  Essentially they become their instrument instead of  the instrument becoming them.  And so, without realizing it, much can go wrong because they try to ‘correct’ posture. Instead of working with nature.

Alexander Technique, the natural pain relief solution gives stable and lasting answers to all instruments.

Violinists, cellists; double bass; viola; guitar; harp etc;

Wind instruments:

Clarinetists, oboists, bassoonist, French horn, and particularly flautists;


Pianists and organists;


Percussionists; drummers


Singers, class teachers, poetry readers, dramatists and vocalists.  Visit –  Natural Vocal Freedom

Reading between the lines.

Walter Vaughn-Jones, Alexander Teacher trainer, Cape Town says; You know a musician is good when you can hear the silence between the notes!

The last word: that makes the difference.

Although many musicians are extremely well trained and passionate about their art, they’re often aware something is amiss. 

As such, Alexander Technique is not about teaching you how to play the instrument.  Because it is about how to play yourself best AND make energetic music!

Documentary on Sky TV. Jan 2013.

Excerpt of David Attenborough’s interview with eminent British conductor Sir Colin Davis.

While Sir Adrian Cedric Boult was in the audience, Sir Colin (then 28 years old) was conducting with great aplomb and waving around.  After the concert, Sir Adrien went backstage to tell Mr Davis that if he continued in this fashion he would become a cripple.

Subsequently Mr Davis sought the Alexander Technique.  And when next he saw Sir Adrien, the quietness and strength was marked. Now in his 80s he is known for his poise and grace as a conductor.

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