Posture Transformation

What is bad posture?

Does ‘sit up straight’ work?  Is it unbalanced posture muscles, compensating tension! How do you ease it without gadgets.

What is an unbalanced system?

When a muscle system becomes unbalanced, the whole body goes out of whack.  Some muscles are tight, others are collapsed or under-used (compensation).  That’s when the easy stance that you see in a small child becomes compromised in adulthood

Postural Myths are many.

Does “sit up straight” really work?  Does using gadgets work?  After a while the body reverts.  The muscles are fixed.  The coordinating system is on  “auto pilot”.  Read about 5 myths about posture.

When do you really know what is best for your posture?

In order to gain the knowledge you need, take note…

  • Firstly, stop the downward spiral to stop the chronic pain.
  • Secondly, regain your upright birthright:
  • And lastly, reclaim your natural poise and energy.
Debra Caplan, Physiotherapist and Alexander Teacher says:

“One of Nature’s most capable inventions is the human spine and all its surrounding structures.  The torso is a structural triumph providing both flexibility and strength.  However it can only serve us properly when used in a well-integrated way.

All too often we misuse the flexibility of the torso by continually bending from the waist as though it were a hinge.  The torso should be used as one functional unit”.

In short, if we can find the true nature of a beautiful posture, we can be master of it.

Judy Dench; a most well known and  famous actress has used Alexander Technique throughout her acting career.  See more of famous people here

Iris Cook’s Story:

“I came because of my bad posture; I was tired, lethargic, down, depressed, and wanted more energy”.  (Iris on her mid 70s, came on her doctor’s suggestion).  Having done office work for a long time, it had caused me to become bent over.  

Since then, I discovered through Jann that I haven’t been lifting my feet high enough when I walk…. Now the back straightens up”.

What does this mean for you?
 Iris continued

“The Alexander Technique has helped me change. Now I can sit, walk and stand relaxed with enjoyment.  I am not young and it has taken time but it has been so worth it. I want to live till I’m a hundred because there is so much to do. (laughs)”

Finally, if you learn how not to sit up straight, how to re-balance postural muscles and and ease it naturally, you gain your natural easy posture and a much better grip on life.

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