Free Webinars

These free webinars explain about posture and awakening the power of total body freedom as a result. Participants experience how the arms work best to integrate the shoulder girdle. Watch a live session.

We have recorded the sessions live on Zoom .  Our classes were recorded online due to lock-down.  A moving picture can tell a thousand words.  You will find, learning Alexander Technique via online has advantages.  For a start, when in your own environment, your experience is real for you.  To take full advantage, as you observe these participants experience and question the lesson.

Part 1

If you are asked what beliefs you were given about your posture in your young years, what would be your answers?  In this session, at the start, participants add their list of directions given them as they grew up.  To give total body freedom for each person taking part, the aim is to demonstrate posture, good and bad. 

Get tips here to try at home.
Part 2

In this video, our class experiences how the arms work to integrate the shoulder girdle.  Additionally, they explored how and where the shoulder girdle is.  And how it moves at it’s best.

We hope you enjoy this videos series. 

What can you look forward to?

Do you want to attend a Zoom webinar?  it is not for everyone. However, new experiences are being being tried by everyone.  But, if you want to attend, and being in a Zoom meeting is scary or off putting for you, you can switch off your video panel yet still be able to gain the benefits of being there. 

If you would like to know more about our classes or join the next webinar, send me an email.  And lastly, if you would like regular updates plus an online email series on Posture Made Simple contact me here