Posture Exercises for Backs

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Which exercises really work for bad backpain?

When we talk of posture, almost always there is pain … made worse by bad posture.  When I see a new student this is how we start usually.

  • If I ask you what’s the problem and you tell me you have pain.

  • If I ask you where is the pain, you’ll perhaps say, your lower back, your shoulders, or neck.

  • If I ask you what is causing the pain, you may make a calculated guess, or say what the doctor has told you.

  • When I ask what you’ve done that has helped it, rarely has a student found a long term solution.

  • Mostly, people have tried one thing then another, getting some relief, keeping the pain at bay, but not actually getting better.

My chronic pain story –

I remember when I was seeing a chiropractor for my long standing back problem.  Every time I had a treatment, I would be happy that little by little I was improving (or so I thought).  Till one day, a couple of years later, as I entered his rooms, he was telling someone who was clearly in a lot of pain “So sorry, I can’t do anything more for you”.

To say I was disillusioned is an understatement.

And that is because we think that pain is the problem.  It is not!   We have to pay attention, go deeper,

Do you really know what to pay attention to? 

This actually is the bottom line.

I will soon be expanding on ‘paying attention’.  Or in modern day speak ‘being mindful’ of the real issues.  And give you the opportunity to learn exercises at the group online class being planned.

Here’s a tip for you

If you are going to take your Self forward into your own future age, with sound and painless back, you need to pay attention to YOUR deeper knowledge that is within you. 

First, you must find out what that is To Go Deeper…. each person is unique.

In  my next article, Step 1-  start discovering your postural patterns. get my tips and exercises for Posture made Simple.  Leave you name, I’ll add you so you get the Series in your mail box.

Happy days