Being Stressless.

Effective stress release is the key to using Alexander Technique.  To be calm when facing an audition or exam allows you to react freely. And gives you knowledge that you are in charge of this present reaction to your life.  With this natural drug free method, you gain more confidence and skill.  Your outlook remains free of nervous tension. The increasingly common and damaging results of stress are reduced.

While exercise and massage have a soothing relaxing effect, they do not last.  Studies show that 90% of all illness is stress-related. Hyper-stress can cause sleeplessness; chronic depression; muscle tension; breathlessness and even underlie major illness when long term.

Is this you?
  • deep muscle tension is experienced everywhere.
  • Relaxing is impossible, even on holiday.
  • Shortness of breath makes you very anxious. 


Get lasting effective stress release and still have a full, productive day.  Find the root cause and awaken to your own body map.  Here are 10 tips to get you started.

What goes wrong?

During chronic stress, there is a build-up in your body of excess hormone levels.  This tightens the muscle fibres.  Gradually you respond over and over to all stimulus in the same damaging way. This vicious cycle becomes the norm.

Is it possible to reverse deep stress in a non-medicated way?

Fundamentally, re-activating the entire bony structure gives you back to basics vital know-how to be calm.  As seen in a small child.

Next, explore your muscular activities.  The knowledge of your compromised natural postural systems becomes clear.  And your posture frees up.

And most important, Alexander’s discoveries give you the understanding necessary to implement all the above.

Knowledge is power!

Consequently, facing an audition or interview, order is restored.  When your ‘body map’ is re-awakened, you can “get out of your own way”.   Life becomes easier. 

As a result, with effective stress release, the body becomes more flexible and much more stress free.

Contact Jann McMichael for more info.  Or apply for the free Posture Made Simple online series here to learn how Alexander works.