Useful Links to Alexander teachers Worldwide

AT teachers and other useful links

Find handy listings and links in New Zealand and the world. Are you looking for a teacher or an Alexander school?  Here, in New Zealand, Australia and further, find lists below  – or  email Jann if you have a question.

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique – S.T.A.T.  London.

This is the oldest established teaching body and professional association for the Alexander Technique. There are many reasons why it is known for this.  For instance, high standards are required to meet the certification.  Subsequently, the training institutions for S.T.A.T demand definite criteria.  Refer to this listing for contacts. Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Find AT Teachers worldwide here.  

In addition, it also includes other Alexander information and links. In short, I can recommend this directory for extensive answers. The Complete Guide to Alexander

Find a certified, registered teacher in Auckland or New Zealand In this link. . 

And as well, this society is affiliated to S.T.A.T.   ATTSNZ – Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand

This is for all registered teachers in Australia. 

The directory will have teachers in areas including remotely.   Providing there is a teacher available in the area you need one.  AUSTAT – Australia Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique.

In conclusion, here are other Useful Links for Auckland.

Suzi Wallis, Auckland, Aotearoa – Suzi is a warm and friendly counsellor & family therapist.  She  practices in Auckland.

Kathy Fray – If you are looking for a midwife, parenting speaker, company managing director, magazine columnist in North Auckland, here is a handy contact.

Note: Although these services are displayed here, they never-the-less, are not necessarily referred by the author.

This site has attempted to provide for your questions.  However, it may be short of a teacher or school you are looking for.  To find someone in a remote area in New Zealand or anywhere in the world, email Jann for details