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All your answers to how is Alexander distinctive.  Posture.  Pain.  Cost.  Online or one-to-one lessons.  What age is best.  Who can benefit.  How to schedule a lesson and more.

  1. All your answers about posture. Will it help my back and neck pain?

    Alexander Technique is very effective in resolving back and neck pain where posture is a factor. Posture is just another word for the shape that you end up in unconsciously, in response to the pressures in your life. With awareness, you can transform an awkward posture into balance and poise.

  2. Is it better to learn this by 1-2-1 lessons, or can I learn it in a group?

    Your perception changes by various means. Private lessons serve best because each human being is so unique. However, group introductory lessons can make you aware of what the technique is about so you have a better choice.

  3. By comparison with other ways of relieving pain, stress and unwanted tension, how is Alexander Technique distinctive?

    Although massage, exercising, even soaking in a hot bath works for tension, it's mostly a temporary relief. Alexander enables you to regain your original easy movement. It gets down to the basic muscle mechanism.  The cause; the mind/muscle connection.

  4. Must you be in pain before learning the Alexander Technique?

    No, the Technique can be applied at many levels; prevention is definitely better than cure. Although, it can be very beneficial for someone with pain,  joint pain, arthritis to have some lessons.  Mainly, knowledge is key to better self management. Since most folk who I've worked with are surprised to find that what they are doing is causing their pain.

  5. At what age is it best to learn the Alexander Technique?

    Addressing the situation in the young is the best solution. However, any age is the right age and nothing can replace enthusiasm when you want to learn, no matter what your age.

  6. Should I do online lessons?

    Yes. The benefits out-way not being in the teacher's environment.  You learn with your own equipment, surrounds, and tools.  So your practice is more real for you.

  7. How many Alexander lessons will I need?

    It is completely up to you. Your decision leads the learning. No obligation. The results are long term.

  8. What should I wear?

    Wearing comfortable clothing, you so not take them off.  As well, wear or bring pants or shorts.

  9. How do I schedule a session?
    Email or call me and we’ll find a convenient time for both of us.
  10. What is the cost of a session?

    See all details of cost and what’s available here: https://www.alexandertechnique.co.nz/find-lessons-in-alexander/

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