Youth and Alexander Technique

This positive technique is a powerful skill for effortless self growth for youth. Parents, how are your scholars coping with stress, coordination, bad posture?  With too much screen work etc in the modern world?

Does your child or teenager:
  • spend long hours at the computer or TV?
  • complain of carrying too heavy a bag?
  • lack sparkle, confidence, vitality?
  • hyperactive?
  • has broken a bone, yet post rehab, is still in a lot of pain?
  • complain of painful neck or shoulders or constant headaches?
  • complain of “growing pains”?
  • is uncoordinated and clumsy?

As the child grows from babyhood, it explores every muscle movement extensively to take the next learning step. So the child develops.  Occasionally the natural progression might arrest developmental learning e.g. growing too fast or breaking a bone.

With normal movement, for example, lifting a pen, we might tighten or grip muscles between upper and lower arm.  This, over ‘repetitive’ time, can change the innate design bit by bit. With AT awareness, natural easy movement returns in full. And so, no harmful ‘use’ habits form, laying the ground for future freedom and ease in the body.

  • A normal happy child re-emerges
  • everything functions well.
  • breathing, digestion, circulation maintains healthy flow.
  • skeletal joints operate easily and gradually free up from pain.
  • confidence re-appears and becomes the norm.
  • activities are undertaken with ease.
  • there is genuine spontaneity.

Young people are quick to learn and more capable than most of realizing how they ‘work’.  The powerful Alexander Technique is an investment in the life of your child.

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