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by in Attitude, Habits, Neuroscience & Self Image April 22, 2020

Watching TV a few days ago, the topic not surprisingly was about fear (of the future).  And how to change your life’s habits that are not working for you now.  It was interesting, yet I could not help wanting to find out what their solution would be to managing this change.  Here it is, we have heard it many times.

It takes 66 repetitions of the new habit to make it stick.

Method –

  1. Identify what you want to change,
  2. Decide on a new course of action,
  3. ‘Overlay’ the new action thereby replacing the old one.
  4. Simple?

Nothing wrong with this, would you agree.. it is sound. It may work for you.

Well, if you overlay the old, in truth, it still exists. It’s a bit like walking a path that has been flattened by years of feet; then changing your shoes and walking the same path again.  It’s the same flat path!

In reality, you have to stop using that path before anything else can happen. 

Take for example, you’ve had a bad day and you are tied up in knots, holding your breath, so tense you could scream….  Solution: take a deep breath and relax!!  And all will be well.

Does it work?  Or within a day it’s all back again?  After 66 times, you are off to get a massage for some temporary relief (which you might be sorely in need of now but can’t get).

It’s a case of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!!

Question:  How can I get a different result permanently?

Learning to STOP the old is the core topic of our Alexander classes.

Besides the work we do in our class, I also love supporting people as an agent for life meanings. 

Starting next Wednesday, April 29th, I’ll be offering a free online 3 part weekly Zoom course.

During the series we will be explore what it means to live with greater ease exploring topics like living in an easier body, managing your time, out with the old in with the new, peace of mind and more.

You can register here.

Hope to see you there!