Running and Alexander Technique

Knowledge is the key to improving and keeping your innate balance and grace while running.

So…what is required of your whole system to run best?

Changing harmful (unnecessary) habits  acquired over years can make all the difference. 

However, we are largely unaware of needless mechanical motions.  

Watching my husband run years ago, his stride seemed hard on his knees.   Since he was forward leaning, it was sheer determination that kept him moving.  But what was his body shouting that he didn’t hear?

Here’s a list of possible harmful habits…

  1. I’ll finish this no matter what it takes!
  2. Running through the pain is the only way!
  3. They say ‘no pain, no gain’, so all is well!
  4.  A panadol a day keeps the pain at bay!
  5. As long as I have expensive shoes, I’ll be fine.
  6. If I don’t come right, I’ll give up running.

Is it possible to have constructive solutions that give lasting effect? 

The simple answer is yes! 
Become aware of over the top muscle tension that causes you to compensate for awkward, painful knees or ankles etc.  Then deal with them in a way you can understand.  A preventive and practical way.

  • Alexander Technique provides this in-depth knowledge. 
  • It can help you, the runner, make healthier choices. 
  • How you react to the restrictions that come when you run on a regular basis. 
  • Most importantly, you learn how to switch muscles in and out.

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