Today’s youth have multi stresses to contend with.  What is the best way to help them?  Alexander Technique is a powerful method for self growth.

For Parents and Young People; How are scholars coping with stress, coordination,  too much screen work etc in the modern world?

Is your child:

  • uncoordinated and clumsy?
  • growing too fast?
  • hyperactive?
  • often tired and listless?
  • broken a bone, and despite physio etc, there is still a lot of pain in the area?
  • uncoordinated and clumsy?

Does your child:

  • spend long hours at the computer or TV?
  • complain of carrying too heavy a bag?
  • lack sparkle, confidence, vitality?
  • complain of painful neck or shoulders?
  • complain of “growing pains”?

As a child grows from babyhood, it explores every muscle, every movement, many times till it is quite confident, before taking the next learning step. And so the child develops. Once out in the world, all kinds of new experiences happen, and occasionally a negative experience might arrest the natural progression of developmental learning e.g. growing too fast or breaking a bone.

With normal movement, when we perhaps pick up a pen, we tighten certain muscles so that the angle between upper and lower arm decreases. When things go wrong, perhaps injury or accident, this can change the natural or halt it altogether. After physio, once normal use returns (the plaster comes off etc), natural easy movement may not return in full. And so, habit is formed, laying the ground for future pain.

Young people are quick to learn and more capable than most people of realizing how they ‘work’. Lessons in Alexander Technique is an investment in the life of your child.


  • A normal happy child re-emerges
  • everything functions well…..
  • breathing, digestion, circulation
  • skeletal joints operate easily and gradually free up from pain
  • confidence re-appears and becomes the norm
  • activities are undertaken with ease
  • there is genuine spontaneity.

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