Self Care…. Top Tips for Easier Movement

by in Self - Study April 15, 2019

Here is your check list for every day; every moment; no matter what you are doing…

Keep your body and your eyes moving
 at all times. A key is not tightening. A free neck equals a free arm equals free poise! Alexander Technique in action!

Vibrant action with free flowing movement gives easier results.   Move your body and the day will also move.

Dynamic breathing, everything moving as it needs…in time to the body’s tempo.

Limbs move to the tune of your actions; alive and responsive.  Let yourself flow to your own inner music…!

Respond to your thoughts… now a pause, now a new decision. Barking up the right tree for a change. Keep you on your toes….

Trust your sixth sense. Be your inner guide

Don’t worry about going wrong! There is no wrong in your life. Only your experience.

Live bold!  Live with confidence!  Your inner sense is alive….Release it!

And most of all have fun. Let your ends reveal your true means of poise and your own self belief.

How is that? Tell me about it!

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