Exercise with Alexander Technique: for best results.

Congratulations..since you are looking at this page, your mind is already attuned to being healthy, flexible, and well. And more so if the Alexander Technique is the way you will go with it.

However, it is also time to consider “Why is it, the harder I exercise, the more chance I have of hurting myself?” and “How come I follow the experts who say more core strength will fix the pain, yet the pain remains (or is getting worse)?”

‘No pain, no gain is a myth. It does not lie so much with the more but rather with the what means will you use, the how of the more you will do. When the arms and leg, head and torso are releasing, lengthening and widening away from the core, the solar plexus, TRUE strengthening is taking place.

Recently a young relative of mine has been suffering excruciating back pain of course we commonly associate this with sedentary life, too much computer or couch potato; not enough exercise. Yet this relative is a very dedicated cyclist/runner/exerciser.

So, the questions exist

-When I exercise, am I doing more harm than good? and do you ask yourself:
-Why do I get pain when I do certain exercises? or
-When the doctor (or chiropractor) tells me to do certain exercises to strengthen my injured back/limbs etc, how do I know it is helping?
And.if you are over the stiffness that a new exercise gives, and are experiencing pain before, during or after exercise, this is a sign that something is not right.

By what means will you use? In the act of pushing through your resolution to become fit, do you just grimace in effort, push to excess or just over-stress your muscles.

Like the frog in slowly heating water, you may not notice the slow damage till you have gone too far.

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