Reading – The Alexander Way!

by in Activities, Exercise, Speakers & Swimming April 15, 2019

Now here’s a novel way of reading! The best bit, get some sun on the back too!  Well, tongue in cheek, that’s my take on it.

How bad is sitting to read?  In truth, we are not well designed for sitting.

Yet humans are the only animals designed to sit on the base of the pelvis so the erect organisation of the backbone, head balanced, has natural alignment.  Also in standing.

We have an efficient system needing little muscle effort (perhaps 2% when doing it well).

“When I sit a long time, I start to ache!”  Is that familiar to you?

Now dogs don’t like sitting or standing still for long and prefer to run about, lie down or perhaps sit on their one side.

For us, we are forever in search of the ‘perfect’ chair!  A futile quest really because chairs are designed with ‘collapse’ as a pre-requisite.  Rather then, education to ‘preserve’ the sitting spine is becoming urgent.

When you know, really know what your spine needs, you are halfway there to gaining good lasting movement and free posture.

Find your sitting bones!

Reading becomes a simple matter; and given to last a long time.

Enjoy your reading now!

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