The Comfortable Ritual of Habit!

by in Attitude, Habits, Neuroscience & Self Image September 22, 2018

What might be a habit or ritual that you have every time you move, react or anything that is getting in your way, causing you problems?

Trouble is, because you have done it so often or for so long, you might not even recognise it as a problem at all.  It just happens, just like breathing!

It’s the sort of thing that you might only recognize as an ache or discomfort.

I have one daily ritual that I (even) look forward to!  My coffee fix!   Yes, coffee at the local mall and doing the crossword.

In fact rewarding yourself eases a long day!

For me, having a home business I can work any time, even in the evening, so it works for me.

I walk there and back not taking the car to the mall.  I am doing a bit of exercise too!

The other day, I took the car!  Yes! It was just too wet to venture out even with an umbrella.

Enjoy the ride I told myself — tomorrow its back to normal!

Mission accomplished, I started back home.

We had walked a short distance from the entrance; rain now stopped.  Hubby asked why I was walking past the car!!  Oops!  Egg on my face!

Such is the power of habit that being on automatic is way easier than not.

I’m sure similar things have happened to you.  They happen to everyone.

I reckon ritual is to some extent a good and necessary part of life.  You wake up.  You look forward to your first ritual — breakfast, shower or whatever is yours.  That kick starts the day. The trouble comes when the ritual becomes set, any change is a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Ok!  So what is to be learnt when this you get to this?

Firstly, it is possible to go wrong ANYTIME!

With being wrong, acknowledge it.

Accept it is time to stop, to take a pause, assess the situation.

Only then, make a decision.

In life the only one definite certainty for change is what we can do to ourselves.

It is impossible to change another person, or anything else in the universe.  But for you to change you, there is absolute certain possibility.

Your only possible reaction is your response to your stimulus.

Whether you are stuck all day behind a computer or in traffic; or rushing to your next appointment, or any of the trillion activities we all face daily………

There are three ways you can respond to any situation that is causing you tension, pain, loss of your natural abundant energy. 

You can choose…….

  1. To carry on as if nothing has happened, hoping it won’t happen again.
  2. NEVER park the car outside the mall again (in my case that is of course).
  3. Make a plan to ensure that certain steps are taken that makes error impossible. eg. my keys go in different place than usual (ritual).

So often people say to me “How can I remember to not do what is unnecessary ritual?  I don’t want to do what is doing me no good!”

The more you can stop; really stop before action.  Think.  Then make a new decision, the more you can change your automatic reaction

……to what you DON’T want in your life.

Try this:

  1. Decide one activity you want to change your response to and follow the steps above.
  2. See just how often you can catch yourself before you do it.

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