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Posture Transformation

– With Alexander Technique.

What is ‘bad’ PostureAlexander Posture?

In some people it’s painful, in others just chronic collapse.  An unbalanced muscle system, some muscles are tight while (compensating) are others collapsed or under-used.

The easy stance that you see in a small child, in adults becomes compromised.

Does “stand up straight” work?

After a while the body goes back to where the muscles are fixed, the coordinating system works generally on  “automatic pilot”.

To gain the knowledge you need to stop the downward spiral is the is to regain our birthright; your natural poise and well-being.

FM Alexander said “You can change the habit of a lifetime with just one thought”!

Debra Caplan, Physiotherapist and Alexander Teacher says: “One of Nature’s most capable inventions is the human spine and all its surrounding structures. The torso is a structural triumph providing both flexibility and strength. However it can only serve us properly when used in a well-integrated way. All too often we misuse the flexibility of the torso by continually bending from the waist as though it were a hinge. The torso should be used as one functional unit”.

Judy Dench is one of many famous people who have used Alexander Technique to further their careers.  See more here

Iris Cook’s Story: “I came because of my posture; I was tired, lethargic, down, depressed, and wanted more energy. I had been sick and I couldn’t see the way out of the sickness.
   I had done office work for a long time; it had caused me to become bent over and I had a bad habit of leaning on my arm while I worked with the other one.
   I discovered too that I haven’t been lifting my feet high enough when I walk…. now the back straightens up”.  Iris (in her mid 70s) had never heard of AT; came  on her doctor’s suggestion.

jd Iris continues “The Alexander Technique has helped me change. Now I can sit, walk and stand relaxed with enjoyment. Health wise, I feel 100% better than I was   I have got a  get up and go  now! I am not young and it has taken time but it has been so worth it. It has been well worth the whole thing. I want to live till I’m a hundred because there is so much to do. (laughs)”  Iris, Auckland.

Luke Gregory, after lessons with Jann said: My confidence has increased the most. I just feel good more often now. I laugh and joke more and experience less anxiety. My posture has improved.

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