Lesson 1. The nod of approval to shoulders, arms!

by in Posture, Flexibility & Body Mapping August 2, 2019

How can your shoulder and arm pain, RSI, relate to your (nodding) head? 

Because of the over activity of the nervous system….what I am about to reveal can be applied to every bit of our life.   

Turn off the noise of the body.  Create less drama overall.    Come to stillness. 

As we begin, can you ask yourself to be wholly here?  Not just your body, but awareness of your emotions, your intuition…your Self. 

Think of the cat:  watching and waiting.  100% intention, 100% direction, and 100% inner and outer ex-tension.(I use ex-tension to mean ‘outside the tension)

This is the start of freeing the tightness that ties your upper body into little knots.

Give yourself a moment to experience this awareness.

Be the ex-tension and the intention that can explore the depth, even of pain, to learn and inform you.  Free of meaning or need.

Ask yourself to explore with curiosity – like the cat.

What do you have to do?

Invite yourself to give a little nod; not an exaggerated nod, just a micro ‘yes’ to the head. Most people will nod from the base of the neck so that the head will drop forward.  Rather make the nod from the place just behind the ears, so small that no one would notice. Just a drop of your nose down and then return back to up.

What is the impact on you?

Can this little movement effect your shoulders and arms?

Like the puppet on a string, any tiny movement has an effect on its counterparts. 
So too, the little nod allows the start to freeing your arms.
Like coming up off of a button.

Write to me…. Tell me what would inner stillness and quiet shoulders do for you?